Project-Based Computer Learning

Our Project-based learning (PBL) enables students to learn deeply and develop core employability skills through participating in real work projects and experiences. Student learn how to build an application, Web site, Network, setup maintain and cofigur server, Security system setup, Multimedia Classroom setup, Graphics Design, Video editing & Digital Marketing, These tutorials are divided into different primary programming languages and multiple technologies.

By this method students learn and gain skills through more extensive lessons that take place over a period of time. Students investigate and respond to authentic, meaningful, engaging, and complex questions.

During a project, students have to communicate with each other and with the teacher as they plan how they will execute their work. Students need to ask questions, participate in discussions, and engage in experiments. Students are held accountable for their role in the project, whether they are in a big or small group.

Project-based learning can help many people to come up with great projects and still be able to have hands-on skills for a certain programming language.